Boost Your Odds of Winning

Bingo is a game of luck, and the only surefire way of winning is to please Lady Luck herself. However, there ARE a few steps which can increase your chances of winning and it doesn’t hurt to give her a helping hand yourself. Get luck with these tips!

1. Avoid the peak hour

Although bingo is a social game as is meant to be played in a group, the more people you play with corresponds to a lower chance of winning. Going during the lean hours and weekdays, or playing online bingo at a time when most bingo rooms are empty is the easiest way of increasing your odds of winning.

2. Play with more cards

It is common knowledge that playing with more cards increases your odds of winning. Just as fewer players means the individual chances of winning are higher, more cards means you stand a better chance of matching the number being called. However, take this with a pinch of salt, as playing more cards than you can manage will be inefficient as well as expensive. If handling many cards is not your cup of tea, then stick to fewer cards and pay better attention to them.

3. Buy tickets with diverse numbers

While buying multiple tickets, ensure that the numbers on them are different. Having the same number repeat on many tickets during a session reduces the chances of having the number called on your cards. Instead, if you have a variety of numbers on your card, it is easier to match it to the number being called.

Another tip is to reuse cards from previous sessions, especially in land based games. However, check beforehand whether your bingo site or casino permits this. Bright Bingo lets the players choose and pre-buy their tickets beforehand which comes as an advantage to the players. Click here to read the review of Bright bingo.

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