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igtInternational Game Technology is an exceptionally established name in the global casino industry. They have been around since back in the 1950s, and they have been considered an industry leader since the 1980s. It’s only natural that they entered the online casino space. While a lot of experts believed that they were only going to present a token effort with their online play via Wagerworks and others, they have proven their doubters wrong by providing an excellent selection of games and a software platform that’s consistently rated high by players. It’s easy to see that this is a good choice if you’re looking for a casino software company to play with.

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Flash-Based Software

One of the things that IGT really wanted to do with their approach to online casino games is make them as accessible as possible. Along these lines, their games are developed using Macromedia Flash. While this allows them to do a lot with good graphics and sound, it also allows players to get in on the action without having to download any special software. As long as you have an Internet browser and a connection, you can load up your favorite games and get to playing inside of just a few clicks.

Latest IGT Casino Related news

    Crossover From Land-Based Titles

    International Game Technology has produced a lot of the most popular land-based slots in the history of the modern casino industry, so it’s not exactly surprising that they offer a lot of crossover titles that are online versions of these top land-based games. On top of that, there are plenty of other games that aren’t available in land-based casinos with a selection of more than 80 total slots and plenty of other titles. Something really interesting about their game selection is that it includes some really big brands that you don’t see anywhere else like Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

    Mobile Options

    Back in 2008, IGT purchased the company Million 2-1. The reason for this purchase is that it allowed them to offer up mobile games to tons of European players. When you add this in with their ownership of Entraction AB, another mobile software developer, it’s easy to see that IGT is offering a ton of mobile options. You can get in your favorite games no matter what you’ve got going on while you’re out and about with this mobile platform, and you could even win huge prizes in a single spin on your phone.

    The Experience Advantage

    Because IGT has decades of experience in the gaming and gambling industries, they have a unique perspective that the relatively newer online casino developers can’t match. This leads them to make a lot of decisions that might seem atypical in the industry, but they know how to think for the long run, and that’s why they make it as easy as possible for players to enjoy their favorite titles with their Flash-based and mobile software platforms. With new games coming out several times each year, you’ll never get bored when you play with casinos that use this software provider.

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