VueTec Casinos

vueteclogoWhen you play with VueTec casinos, you’re playing with software that was used in the first live dealer casinos ever opened on the Internet. With a ton of experience in this field, VueTec has focused on innovating in areas that help the player’s own experience. Their software started being developed in 1999, and they first ran games online in 2002. Along these lines, this company has always focused on giving players a quality experience in both their games and the technology side of things, and you can see how innovative they can be by how one of their first major projects was developing a platform for sending live dealer video feeds over dial-up speeds without significant lag.

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Real Land-Based Casino Games

VueTech casinos have a much different approach to live dealer games than what you’ll find almost anywhere else. Their key thing is that they stream games from an actual casino instead of from a studio, and this creates a much different atmosphere. The games are provided on what they call the Distance Gaming platform, and the games themselves are streamed from the Fitzwilliam Card Club. This casino is located in Dublin, Ireland, and they are fully-licensed to operate both online and in Dublin.

A Higher Standard of Integrity

Because these games happen in a live casino and are broadcast on the Internet, they are regulated by two sets of rules. This results in a higher standard of integrity from what you’ll normally find in online casino games. This is one of the reasons why players love VueTech and trust them with their play. If their games were not guaranteed to be fair, then the Fitzwilliam Card Club would not be allowed to operate, and their online licenses could be pulled as well. Obviously, they don’t want this to happen, so they keep everything safe and fair.

The Game Selection of VueTec Casinos

You’re going to have a selection of the most popular table games available online when you play in these live games. These games include blackjack, roulette and Baccarat. While games at some sites have worse payout rates than what you could find in land-based casinos at higher stakes, the games that VueTec offer can give you substantially high payouts. The payouts at their Baccarat games are more than 98 percent with correct play, and if you play well at their blackjack games, then you can get a payout rate over 99 percent. This maximizes your payout rates for obvious reasons.

A Focus on Quality

A lot of live dealer game providers focus on trying to offer newer games and a broader experience. Instead of breadth, VueTech focuses on depth. They really focus hard on the quality of their experience, and you can see that by how hard they worked to build great streams for players who used dial-up in the early 2000s. With that level of technological mastery, you can imagine how good their games are now with modern levels of hardware, software and connection speeds available.

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