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The very first online casinos required fairly big downloads on fairly slow Internet connections. There have been a ton of advancements in both hardware and software since then, and now we have casinos that don’t even require a download. Thanks to software platforms like Java, Macromedia Flash and HTML5, you can log in and enjoy some of your favorites as long as you have an updated Internet browser. No download and Flash casinos are one of the major directions that the industry is heading in its evolution towards easier and faster ways of getting in on the action.

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    Casinos that use Java aren’t very common anymore, but Macromedia Flash is still used for all kinds of things including online video streaming, audio streaming, games and more. Along these lines, it makes sense that it would be used for online casinos. What you’ll normally get with a Flash-based casino platform is a slightly slimmed-down version of the downloadable client that gives you a relatively limited selection of games. Most of your favorites will be there, as will standard titles like roulette, blackjack, Baccarat and video poker, but the availability of certain slots can be limited. This is because they all have to be reprogrammed individually to be moved from the downloadable platform to the Flash platform, and it’s not worth it for less popular titles.

    Something that’s fairly recent is the use of HTML5 for online casino games. These no download casinos are great because they operate using the most recent iteration of the standard markup language for websites. HTML5 has been upgraded to allow for some pretty amazing options when it comes to creating content, and these options have been pushed in the direction of online casino play for a lot of the top software providers.

    The end result is that you have a combination of some of the best games that have ever been produced in the industry and one of the easiest ways of connecting to them. All you have to do is have an updated Internet browser, go to their website and log in to have a huge selection of top-tier titles a click away. The loading times can be an issue if you have a slower connection, but you won’t have any overwhelming downloads that bog down your computer or hog hard drive space, and those are some major advantages over the traditional downloadable casino sites.

    If you often play at computers that are shared by other people, then no download and Flash casinos can be a good option since you don’t want to have to install any extra software to those computers that will be an inconvenience to the other people who use it. Along these lines, you keep your footprint as small as possible, and that can make it more difficult for people to find out where you play and try to get into your account. You also avoid the risk of accidentally setting your account to automatically log in which can be a nightmare if it falls into the wrong hands.

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