High Roller Casino Bonuses

In an effort to reward players who make larger deposits all at one time, most casino sites give players options for high roller bonuses which give you better deals than you would get with the typical bonus options. Even if you aren’t a high roller, saving up for one of these bigger bonuses instead of spreading yourself thin over several small deposits can give you some major savings in terms of bigger offers and better value for the money you’re putting into your account. To help you along with these deals, we want to show you what kind of savings you can get and what you need to know about redeeming these special offers.

List of High Roller Bonuses

This casino bonus directory is updated on a daily basis with new offers added and expired ones removed. Feel free to filter casinos bonuses to find the ones you are interested in. You can narrow the results displayed by bonus amount, wagering requirements, software or expiry date. Use the Advanced Search Options button for more specific filtering. Clicking Details will give you the most important bonus facts on the selected online casino offer.

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An Example of Earning Savings

Suppose that you make a $50 deposit each week for six weeks in a row. You might get a 100 percent match for these deals for $300 in bonuses on a total of $300 in deposits. However, if you saved up for six weeks and made one single deposit of $300 all at once, then you could get a much better deal of say 160 percent. This would give you $480 in bonuses for a net gain of $180. So for saving up for six weeks, you would effectively earn $30 per week in extra bonuses, and this increases your chances of winning significantly.

Alternative Wagering Requirements

Most wagering requirements or play-through requirements are based on the idea of putting up bets that equal a multiple of your bonus and/or deposit. With high roller deposit bonuses, you’ll usually be given better rates than usual. If a site usually requires a 20x play-through on the sum of the bonus and deposit, a high roller option might have a wagering requirement of just 15x. Knowing why this is can help you to understand why it’s a win-win situation for both you and the casino.

Remember that a casino gives you a chance to make money, but they also have to pay fees on deposits and withdrawals for payment processing companies to do the transactions. Along these lines, it’s better for them if you make bigger deposits infrequently than if you make a lot of smaller deposits. It costs them less money, and they are able to pass that savings along to you.

High Roller Game Selection

There are people who like to play high stakes versions of just about anything, but with bonus offers that specifically target players who are likely to make larger bets, you need to really pay close attention to the game restrictions put in place. Different games will often have different requirements, and you might have to contend to maximum bet sizes. Talking to support can often get these increased to certain levels, but it’s not available to everyone, so you’ll have to prove that you have the means to support your play at a certain level of stakes before they will increase your account limits at the tables the majority of the time. There are a lot of reasons for this, but it’s easy enough to get them boosted.

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