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People like getting something for nothing, and that’s especially true in the online casino world. There are all types of freerolls available, meaning situations where you can win something without risking anything of your own, and free play bonuses can be some of the most fun if you know how to leverage them. There are slightly different ways that this type of promotion can play out, and here we’re going to show you all of the different permutations of terms and conditions so that you’ll be able to look at an offer and decide if it’s right for you.

List of Free Play Bonuses

This casino bonus directory is updated on a daily basis with new offers added and expired ones removed. Feel free to filter casinos bonuses to find the ones you are interested in. You can narrow the results displayed by bonus amount, wagering requirements, software or expiry date. Use the Advanced Search Options button for more specific filtering. Clicking Details will give you the most important bonus facts on the selected online casino offer.

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The basic way this works is that you’re given something like $1,000 in casino chips with a set amount of time to try to run up as much in winnings as you can. Then you’ll be given the opportunity to get those winnings added to your account in addition to a deposit to verify your identity and protect against fraud. It’s a pretty straight-forward idea, but you need to know the fine print to make it work for you in the biggest way possible. For example, the first thing you need to know is the time limit on the offer.

This can really be anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours, and it really just depends on the offer. Because the timing on these deals can vary so much, you need to really make sure that you know what the time period is like before you take advantage of the offer. The key here is to time it so that you’ll be able to get in as much play as possible so that you maximize your chances of running up some winnings and getting a nice payoff from the promotion as a whole.

So generally speaking, once you’re finished, you’ll have a chance to turn your winnings into what effectively amounts to a really good deposit bonus. For example, some deals will allow you to take all of your winnings on top of the initial $1,000 in casino chips as long as you make a small real money deposit. So if you run your account up to $1,200, you could get a $200 bonus added to your account for a small deposit that will usually be less than $100, so this would be the equivalent of at least a 200 percent match bonus when all is said and done.

There will typically be maximums on how much you can win, and this creates a situation where playing progressive jackpots isn’t going to be a good idea since you won’t be able to cash out most of your win if you hit. Along these lines, there are also wagering requirements on your winnings, but they’re usually fairly reasonable and on a fairly wide range of games.

Overall, free play bonuses represent a really good way to check out the software and games of an online casino without having to deposit money upfront, and they also give you a chance to get a great addition to your bankroll.

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