Weekly Casino Bonuses

Back in the first several years after the birth of the online casino industry, you’d see that different sites would offer welcome bonuses for new players. This would act as an incentive to get players to come to their site. The problem with this approach was that people had little or no incentive to stick around since they couldn’t keep getting good deal, and you ended up with an industry that had an exceptionally low loyalty rate for players sticking with one online casino for the long run. Weekly bonuses have changed the landscape of the industry by completely switching up the incentive structure for players.

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The Basics of Weekly Bonuses

A weekly casino bonus will normally be based on how much you deposit and which set of games you want to play. There will typically be anywhere from three to six different deposit levels, and depositing more will give you an opportunity to get a larger bonus. This creates a situation where you have an incentive to keep playing with the same online casino site, but it also gives you incentives to save up for larger single deposits instead of multiple smaller deposits, but we’ll get into that below.

Weekly Bonuses and Deposit Frequency

Because weekly bonuses are almost always set up so that larger deposits get larger match percentages, there’s an incentive for depositing more when you can. Suppose that you can deposit $50 for a 135 percent match or $200 for a 220 percent match. If you are the type of player to make frequent deposits of about $50, it would be better for you to actually make one deposit of $200 and then to skip your deposits for the next three weeks to make up the difference. While you would be putting in the same amount of money, you would be getting a lot more value with the bonus offers.

Alternative Weekly Offers

Aside from reload specials, there are other types of weekly bonuses that you can get at online casinos. For example, there are cashback rewards that will give you back a percentage of your deposits if you aren’t lucky enough to come out on top. You can also get free spins opportunities which are effectively reloads that you can only play on a specific game. Both of these have their own terms and conditions, but they mostly just consist of a set of wagering requirements and game restrictions like most other casino specials.

Planning and Strategy

One thing that’s distinct about weekly casino bonuses is that they require some planning and strategy if you want to get the most value you can. The reason for this is that there are so many options that you can cash in on, so it’s obvious that there is going to be a best way to go out of all of those choices. The key is to just take a little time to look at what you want to deposit when and see which of the deals will give you the most bang for your buck.

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